We Make Deals | About Us
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Being mentored by one of the best real estate investors in the world has give us motivation and determination to become the best in what we do.

Our company, We Make Deals, is a real estate investment company whose vision is to leave a lasting impression on everyone we come in contact with. We are a unique team who is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with operations across the state. We Make Deals believes in challenging the real estate market, specializing in its untapped home potentials across the state. We are equipped with proven entrepreneurial and innovative thinking whose primary goals are to focus on producing superior results for our clients.

There is a transparent energy at We Make Deals that comes from one of our greatest assets: our team of experienced real estate professionals. We bring a fresh perspective and ingrained creativity to expedite our clients’ real estate needs. This dynamic environment delivers the insight and passion that today’s clients seek in an ever-evolving real estate market. Our services are built on our core values of integrity, commitment and excellence. With major success under our belts, our commitment to these values only continues to bind us stronger with our clients.

What We Do:


Based on extensive research, we choose properties that we can bring great value to in market that have activity. Our primary goals are to provide suitable home environments, sell our properties quickly by making deals, and retaining properties cash flow. We focus on Wholesale deals-single family residences that are in distressed. We do not work in areas that we would not live ourselves.